There are a few things you should do to properly care for your laptop and ensure that it lasts a long time. You can significantly extend the life of your laptop and save a large amount of money by following the most simple laptop maintenance tips, which only take a few minutes of your time.

With these simple and easy-to-follow instructions, you’ll be able to care for your laptop like an expert in no time.

laptop maintenance

1) Always keep your notepad locked

This may seem small, but locking your laptop keeps others from seeing what you’re working on and guarantees that anything personal stays private.

Simply press the Windows Key + L key combination at the same time to swiftly lock your laptop. To unlock your laptop, press Ctrl + Alt + Del, then type in your password to return to your previous spot.

2) Maintaining the ventilation system

This means you should check all of the vents on your laptop at least once a week to ensure they are clear and unobstructed. Make sure nothing gets pushed into the air vents; the safest way to clean them is using a can of compressed air, which can be obtained at most computer supply stores.

3) Take a look at the fan

If the fan on your laptop isn’t working properly, it could overheat, creating issues with your monitor, RAM, or even the hard drive. Make sure the fan is in good working order to avoid this issue.

If you’re not sure if your laptop’s fan is working properly, go to the manufacturer’s website and look for software to test it.

laptop maintenance

4) Maintaining a minimal amount of lap burn

This may seem insignificant at first, but once you’ve experienced it, you’ll realise how significant it is. Place your laptop on a desk or other hard surface whenever you’re using it to help prevent this and ensure that it gets enough airflow.

5) Keeping a safe distance from sensitive areas

You might prop your laptop up on a pillow on your lap if you’re just sitting on the couch, which is a common problem for many people. This may appear to be a good idea, but it might cause your laptop to overheat by blocking airflow to fans and vents.

6) Safely storing your laptop

While there are some wonderful laptop bags on the market, it is vital that you turn your laptop off before putting it in the bag. If you don’t turn off your laptop, you risk melting it or catching it on fire.

7) Alcoholic beverages should be avoided

If you’re going to drink something, keep it as far away from your computer as possible. Drinks and laptops don’t mix in any circumstance, regardless of the sort of beverage consumed.

laptop maintenance

8) Staying away from unwanted surprises

If you want to move your laptop about, make sure it’s on a sturdy surface that won’t cause it to be jostled. If the laptop is adequately protected, you can move it around safely; nevertheless, if the laptop is not stable, you should turn it off before moving it around.

9) The humidity is your adversary.

Whatever the source of the dampness, do everything possible to keep your laptop dry. As a result, the motherboard as well as the screen may be harmed.

10) Your computer’s deadliest enemy is dust

Keep your laptop dust-free at all times; dust can clog fans and vents, causing your laptop to overheat. It’s critical to devise a plan for keeping your laptop safe, such as keeping it on a table or desk.

Off the ground (added bonus)

Even if it’s only for a few seconds, there’s never a valid excuse to leave your laptop on the floor. While it may appear to be a fine position for a while, if you have a pet who uses the computer as a chew toy, or if someone walks on the laptop by accident, it might cause complications.

Surge protectors are an absolute essential.This will allow you to protect your computer properly in the event of a power surge that could damage it.

Keep the screen protected as an added bonus

Storing papers between the screen and the keyboard might easily scratch the screen of your laptop. As a result, you may be saddled with a hefty repair price. Avoid doing this as much as possible to keep your screen secure.

It’s easy and quick to learn how to properly care for your laptop, and it’ll help it last much longer. If you are willing to take some basic precautions with your laptop, you will get a lot of usage out of it.