Why Does My Laptop Keep Restarting

Do you frequently restart your computer and get a headache as a result? One of the most annoying situations is a forced restart, which may become even more annoying — and perhaps devastating — if you lose any unsaved work.So,why does my laptop keep restarting?

You are at the mercy of your computer when an unexpected restart occurs. Therefore, in order to solve the issue right away and stop it from happening again in the future, it’s critical to understand what makes your devices constantly restarting.

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Why Does My Laptop Keep Restarting?

Check your computer to see if any of the following causes is to blame for the restart issue:

Problems with RAM (Random Access Memory)

Numerous issues, including unexpected and frequent reboots, might be caused by RAM issues. It can be a problem with the RAM itself or a buildup of dust on the RAM slot. When your computer is going to restart and you hear a beeping sound, this is a good sign that the RAM is the cause of the issue.

Start by taking the RAM out of its slot to resolve this issue and prevent your computer from rebooting. Before installing the RAM again, make sure the area is clean. If the issue still exists after cleaning the RAM, check to see. It is advised to consult a computer repair specialist if the issue does continue.

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Power Supply Issues

The power supply is another thing to check if you find that the RAM is not broken. Any issues with the power supply, like those with the RAM, could result in repeated restarts of the computer.

There are various methods you can use to resolve this specific problem.

Removing the current power supply is one of the easiest things you can accomplish. The next step is to swap it out for another one that you know to be in good shape and check to see if the issue persists. Search for further potential causes if this does not resolve the problem.

Processor that is too hot

One of the most frequent problems with a computer that restarts itself is an overheated processor. Processors can overheat for a variety of causes, but one thing is for certain: when this happens, a number of issues arise. And certainly, a computer’s erratic and frequent reboots may be caused by an overheating processor.

You can open your computer and clean the CPU to resolve this problem. Make sure to clean the processor’s fan as well as any adjacent components. Additionally, now is an excellent opportunity to make sure the processor fan is functioning correctly. Otherwise, it won’t maintain the processor’s cooling as intended.

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Virus contamination

The most frequent cause of a computer restarting itself is this. A virus may be at blame if the problem persists after your checking the other variables mentioned above. The boot time scan option should be enabled if you are experiencing issues as a result of a virus infection.

The next time your PC restarts on its own, this function will automatically run a boot time scan. Additionally, this function will remove the infections before they load.

A different choice is to start Windows in safe mode. This will stop any virus from loading after your machine successfully restarts. Once the computer is in safe mode, you may run a thorough virus check. After that, use your antivirus programme to delete any malicious files from your machine.

The computer’s hard drive can also be formatted as an alternative. Your computer will be given a fresh start and all of the infections will be removed thanks to this. However, you should only reformat your computer after exhausting all other possibilities and failing to solve the issue.

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Activate Windows Update

The most recent drivers and hardware-related patches will be installed through Windows Update. If a programme, driver, or operating system defect was to blame, updating might be able to resolve the problem.

Disable the system’s automatic restart

This modification won’t resolve the issue, but if a software or operating system problem is to blame, it might prevent the computer from restarting. You could have a chance to see an error message and more accurately pinpoint the source if you can avoid a random restart.


When I shut off my computer, why does it restart?

Software or driver problems are typically at blame for this error. Going to Control Panel > Power Options > Choose what the power buttons do > Change settings that are now non-available and unchecking the box next to turn on quick startup is typically the simplest fix. If not, look for driver updates.

What causes my computer to restart at random when I’m playing games?

The most likely reason for a game restarting while you’re playing is overheating. Make sure your computer has adequate room for air vents, or try another method to keep it cool.

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