Laptop Water Damage Repair

Unlike a desktop PC a laptop due to it’s slimline body,will more than likely need repairs and maintenance.. Because laptops are so sensitive, laptop water damage repair, even if it’s only a minor issue, may be greater than you anticipate.

Furthermore, the warranty may be insufficient to cover the type of damage that has happened.Do you own a laptop that has been harmed by water?

water damaged laptop

You don’t have time to drop it off at a laptop repair shop? Don’t worry, fixing it will just take you 10 minutes (or less). One of the most prevalent problems with laptops is water damage.

If water is spilt on the laptop’s keyboard, it would most likely soak into the motherboard, causing damage. When this happens, you can try to limit the harm by turning off the computer and unplugging it.


Different types of metal, including copper, are used in computers. When copper is exposed to liquids, it can sometimes leave a green residue.

If you open the casing of your computer and notice that the copper components have gone green or have a green residue around them, it’s likely that the computer has been exposed to water or moisture.

Some computer cooling fans are constructed of copper, and you may see corrosion in or near those locations as well.

Components Diagnosis

Instead of writing off the computer as a total loss, remove and replace components one by one to see if they’ve been damaged by water. Remove the processor, RAM, hard disc, video card, sound card, and optical drives first.

Replace each component one by one, attempting to restart the computer after each one. This will allow you to determine which piece of hardware has been damaged and replace or repair it as needed.

Keep in mind that if the motherboard is broken, this method may not work.

The Drying Procedure

Allow the computer to dry out if there is indication that it has been harmed by liquids or if there is still liquid within the computer. Using a soft cloth, absorb as much liquid as possible from each component before removing it from the computer’s chassis.

Allow the components to dry overnight before attempting to restart the computer, and make sure there is no remaining liquid. If any liquid residue remains after it has dried, remove it using rubbing alcohol and a soft cloth.

Bring your computer to a nearby repair shop for a diagnosis or repair if you’re unsure.It’s not the end of the world if your laptop has been harmed by water. You may easily fix it by following the procedures outlined below.

 You’ll need the following items:

a. Sanitizer for the Hands

b. A screwdriver, a toothbrush, and an air compressor’

#1 Shut off your computer.

#2 Take out the battery and make sure you don’t click the power button.

#3 Using a screwdriver, remove all of the bottom screws from your laptop to gain access to the motherboard and other hardware.

#4 Remove everything from the top side, including the keyboard, with care. If you don’t remove all of the bottom screws, you risk injuring your laptop when attempting to remove everything.

#5 Take the keyboard apart and look for any water stains. (It appears to be white specks.) If there are any rust marks on the hardware, inspect it.

#6 Remove all of the screws that connect the internal hardware so you can inspect it for water and rust.

#7 If there are noticeable water stains or corrosion marks, gently remove the afflicted hardware.

#8 Wipe the water stains with the hand sanitizer that has been placed on top of the toothbrush. Use only a small amount of hand sanitizer. Put just enough so that it evaporates rapidly.

#9 For hard-to-reach areas, use an air compressor and then clean it down with a toothbrush.

#10 Make sure there are no water spots on the hardware connector as well.

#11 Replace the hardware and connector, and after you’ve completed cleaning, check for any loose connections.

#12 Assemble the laptop’s top section and the keyboard.

#13 Reassemble everything, including the bottom screws.

#14 Put the battery in and turn it on….

So there you have it! It takes less than ten minutes.

This is just a quick tutorial, but maybe it will be useful as a laptop water damage repair guide.









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