HP Laptop Keyboard Not Working

HP laptops are renowned for their premium materials and durable construction. Their laptop keyboards are generally fairly good, however occasionally HP laptop keyboard not working issue will arrive. It has been reported that some of devices can malfunction and completely fail to register keystrokes.

Incorrect keyboard settings or driver issues are typically to blame for this. You must determine the true source of issue and implement the appropriate remedy in order to solve it. In this article, we’ll examine the problem in detail and provide a range of fixes to bring your HP laptop keyboard back in working order.

 hp Laptop Keyboard not working

There could be a number of causes for your HP laptop keyboard not working, including:

#1 A keypad that is locked.
#2 Damaged or outdated drivers
#3 Interference from other keyboards that are connected.
#4 Soiled keys
#5 Broken keyboard

HP Laptop Keyboard Not Working Fix

The troubleshooting steps go from the simplest and most likely to succeed to the most difficult and unlikely to fix the issue.

Perform a laptop restart

Driver, firmware, and software issues might occasionally arise and get fixed when you restart your computer. Check your keyboard to see if it is responding when you restart.

Enable keyboard unlock

You may lock your keyboard on some HP laptops using a shortcut to stop unauthorised accidents. Unfortunately, it’s simple to accidently activate this shortcut, so even if you believe the keyboard is locked, press and hold the right Shift key for 8 seconds. This should unlock the keyboard and allow it to start responding once more.

Disengage external keyboards

Any external keyboards attached to your laptop should be unplugged and turned off. Your laptop could not recognise the built-in keyboard if you’re using an external keyboard. To prevent automatic reconnecting, try detaching from any external keyboards and turning them off completely (as they might if they use Bluetooth connections).

Disable Cortana

Despite being helpful, Cortana occasionally gets in the way of other laptop features. See if it can be disabled to restore keyboard functionality.

Remove dirt and grime

You sit in front of the computer a lot. And it is in and out of laptop cases. The keyboard will inevitably become dirty, which can lead to issues. Check to see if it starts operating again after giving it a thorough cleaning.

 Laptop Keyboard repair

Activate Windows Troubleshooter

A built-in programme called Windows Troubleshooter may be able to identify and fix whatever is making your keyboard unresponsive. Run the troubleshooter and follow any advice it provides.

Driver update

Drivers that are not updated,make it impossible for your keyboard to connect and function. After updating the driver and restarting the computer, check to see if the keyboard is once more functional.

update laptop drivers

Verify the language settings on your keyboard

If you can, make sure your keyboard settings are set up properly for the installed keyboard by checking your keyboard settings.

#1 Select  Start,settings,time & Language
#2 Ensure English is selected as the desired language
#3 If it isn’t, select U.S. under Options

A portable keyboard might work. Although this won’t solve the issue, if you can connect and use an external keyboard, you can easily determine whether the issue is with the connection of the built-in keyboard or the keyboard itself.

Disable alternative input devices. Multiple input methods, such as a keyboard, touch screen, and stylus, are supported by the Windows Collaborative Translation Framework (CtfMon.exe). But it might also obstruct your keyboard. To see if your system defaults back to the keyboard, try disabling ctfmon.exe.

Be Aware of When to Seek Repair

It could be time to call in the pros, or at the at least, someone who feels more comfortable poking around inside your laptop’s case, if you’ve tried the aforementioned methods and none of them have worked.

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