How To Fix Sticky Keys On Laptop

One of those things that most of us take for granted until it breaks is a computer keyboard.But how to fix sticky keys on laptop? We consume food and beverages while using computers, and we don’t notice the accumulated crumbs and grime until the keyboard keys start to stick.

Coffee spilt on a keyboard could be beyond repair, but there are safe ways to clean a sticky keyboard so you can keep using it.

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Sticky keyboard keys

Disconnect any computer peripherals, such as a keyboard or mouse, before you begin cleaning them. Power down the entire laptop before cleaning the built-in keyboard. To get rid of food crumbs and other dirt, flip the keyboard over and give it a gentle shake.

After that, use a can of compressed air, which is typically sold in office supply stores, to gently blow away any dust or other debris that remains. The same result can be achieved with a tiny vacuum. While vacuuming or spraying, tilt the keyboard slightly and spin it to access all angles.

You can now focus on the surface of your keys. To carefully clean the keys, some computer manufacturers advise using a moist microfiber cloth, while others advise using cotton swabs bathed in isopropyl alcohol, popularly known as rubbing alcohol.

Keys can also be cleaned with water and mild soap. Making sure that liquid stays on the keys and does not run over the keyboard surface is crucial when cleaning. If your keyboard is used frequently and you’re concerned about germs, give the keys one last wipe with a disinfectant wipe.

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Sticky Keys Resulting from Software Problems

Make sure the Sticky Keys feature is disabled before looking for a software fix if you’re experiencing problems with what appears to be a sticky keyboard on a Windows or Mac computer and cleaning doesn’t seem to help.

It is now possible to use keyboard shortcuts without holding down two keys at once thanks to an accessibility feature that keeps modifier keys like Ctrl active after being pushed and released.

On Windows, you can check the Ease of Access panel’s Keyboard section in the Ease of Access panel, accessible through the Windows Control Panel, to verify if Sticky Keys are enabled. Check the Keyboard tab in System Preferences on a Mac.

A sticky key can occasionally be brought on by a software issue with a computer. For instance, a driver or other component of operating system software may be to blame if a laptop key acts stuck but is not actually caught on the keyboard and nothing has been spilt on the keyboard.

Whether you’ve cleaned your keyboard but the keys are still not functioning properly, contact the maker of your laptop to see if a driver update would help.

How To Fix Sticky Keys On Laptop

Mac Sticky Keyboard

Keys on Apple’s butterfly keyboard, which comes with the MacBook (models 2015 and later) and MacBook Pro (models 2016 and later), are rumoured to occasionally become stuck. The mechanism that connects individual keys to the keyboard is said to resemble a butterfly’s wings, giving the keyboard its name.

Apple Support advises holding the Mac notebook at a 75-degree angle while using compressed air to clean the keyboard (just short of vertical). Spray some air, flip the notebook to its right side, spray some more, then flip it back to its left side. Visit an Apple Store or an authorised service provider for additional repairs if the keys are still sticking.

How To Fix Sticky Keys On Laptop

Taking Sticky Keys Off to Clean

If you believe there is dirt behind a key on your keyboard, you might be tempted to remove it, but doing so could cause damage. Some keys require specific tools, and not all keys can be removed. Before attempting to remove the keys or keycaps from your keyboard, look online for a user manual or instructional video for your particular model.

Without removing the keys, how to clean a laptop keyboard

Cleaning a mechanical keyboard is essentially the same as cleaning a laptop or laptop keyboard. The keys, however, are typically more flatter and more difficult to insert. As a result, it’s possible that you won’t be able to shake the dirt off. It will also be more difficult to remove dirt particles with compressed air, but you should still try it.

How To Fix Sticky Keys On Laptop

Even if it’s challenging, a laptop keyboard can be cleaned without the keys being removed. Perhaps you should be a little more patient.

First, disconnect the laptop from the mains adaptor and turn it off. Use a toothpick that has been lightly dampened with water to clean off any noticeable dirt from in between the keys. When you’re done, be careful to dry out any remaining moisture with a dry cloth to prevent computer damage. Remember to complete this step before plugging it back in to avoid shorting out the device.

Using a wire keycap puller tool to remove the keycap from your laptop keyboard will also allow you to clean it. When selecting this option, use caution because it requires you to change the keycap.

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